Saturday, July 17, 2010


The "Alexandros."

So my pillow in Paros was like heaven. Our lovely little room overlooked a lemon orchard and had super cool air con and a decent bed. Only a short stroll into town, we checked out Parikia (the port town) for lunch and more gyros. I should explain the awesomeness that is gyros at this point. They are like a small kebab/souvlaki thing. Pork, tomato, onion, garlic sauce and chips all rolled up in a pita. Yes, chips. So good.

We met up with some of the girls on the tour in Naousa for dinner. It a very nice little seaside town with lots of restaurants and not as run down as Parikia. I had stuffed squid after we sampled some of the worst cocktails any of us had had in Europe to date.
There's so many cats in all these islands, not all as cute as this gorgeous little thing.

Yesterday we went out on a boat around Paros and Antiparos for the day. I think we now both finally feel like we're on holidays.

I agree with Hannah, the boat trip yesterday was good fun!!

We headed off for the trip around Antiparos (where Tom Hanks apparently has a home) and then stopped somewhere for a quick swim, through some natural bridge thingies.
Hannah's ghostly visage, showing just how blue water can get.
Yearrgh! A happy pirate with awesome hair...

Then onto the beach of Despotiko Island, where we were stuffed full of souvlaki, Greek salad, tzatziki and fresh bread. Needless to say there was gallons of wine and ouzo... I enjoyed my lemonade. Oh, freshly caught BBQ octopus. Big thumbs up, Spartacus style.
Awesome down-blouse shot.

After a nice lunch on the beach, we climbed back aboard, stopping at this private little cove with a climbable cliff for another swim. This place was so magic. It's hard to convey just how clear the water is, and the colour is something else. When you're swimming around, it looks like the water is maybe an inch below your feet. When you stick your head under, you realise it's maybe 4 or 5 METRES deep. Wow.
Surveying the drop into bliss.

Attention everybody! I have a very important announcement to make....CANNONBALL!!!!!!!!!!

The journey home delivered an outstanding number of giant waves erupting over the bow, and into our faces. Everything and everyone was soaked in a matter of minutes. So awesome.

Today was taken up mainly with arguing with hotel staff and ferry rides. We're here in Santorini, perched upon a hill in a sweet little hotel with Parosian marble floors. I've stuffed another gyros in my gob, and now I'm happy as. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.......

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