Friday, July 30, 2010

Bon Marché

Whilst a thriving tourism and holiday destination, Biarritz maintains a village feel, especially in places like the markets. We found a nice little market a short walk from our hotel, which presumably operates in much the same way as it has for many generations.

Old men arrive early to purchase their daily baguette, stopping to drink vino at 9am. Brash women haggle over the price of a bushel of leeks, never really agreeing to the price.

The market thrives, packed with shoppers from open to close. There's every conceivable fruit, vegetable and animal produce available, and at such reasonable prices.
Just how much does a bushel of leeks cost, anyway?

Such sweet treats! Berries of the boldest blues and bright reds... cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries... they're all here, by the bucket.
Berry good! Berry delicious!!
Tomatoes the size of my head are heaped in mounds, alongside fresh mushrooms, local radishes and haricot vert.
La grande tomate
I wouldn't want to eat EVERYTHING in here... It would take some courage to order a bag of this hearty offering.
J'adore?? Look up coeurs.
Stinky cheeses line the shelves, wafting their own particular brand of awesome over the crowd. A good way to clear a crowd, these bad boys are potent. They've really tended to their moulds in here.
Phwoar, who cut their cheese?
Less exciting than their Dutch equivalent, these fungi fill baskets aplenty. I can only assume it's some kind of mushroom, but I actually haven't ever seen anything quite like it. Mum will know.
Not hungry? A bouquet of fresh cut flowers is yours for the taking. The picture doesn't do justice to the sheer brilliance of colour on display.
Pretty colours.
Fruits de la mer! Poisson et le krabbe, all caught only hours before being displayed in the seafood markets.
Turbot, anyone?
Shrimp butt.
Check out this sucker. The thing was about a metre long, and looked bloody frightening.
It makes me want to make better use of our own markets, back home. It was a nice little taste of Fremantle, in a way. I guess wherever we are on the Earth, we all need to eat, and land and sea provide.
Fishy num num?


  1. Have you guys done anything besides EAT?!!!

  2. Yeah!? Ya fatties! :) That fish was frightening! I feel like going to Bunbury Farmers Market now :) awesome guys should quit your day jobs and become travel reporters - you're total pros!

  3. There has also been some surfing and lots of walking... but mostly eating.
    We had chocolate, banana and coconut crepes for lunch today. Followed by half a baguette each with cheese, avo and ham!!! :D

    Jo - will you pay us? Sounds awesome!