Saturday, July 17, 2010

Paros & Naousa

We took quite a few shots when we headed up to the small fishing village of Naousa (sounds almost like Noosa) with the girls, and around Paros, I thought I'd do a separate post of some them here.

The cobbled streets wind down narrow alleys, bustling with late night shoppers

The proud Greek village of Naousa, full of life, light and laughter.

Flowerpots adorn the merest of corners and crannies, adding colour everywhere.

Life moves at it's own pace in Greece, hence the notion of "Greek Time." Very calming.

Silence falls over the village at siesta, but come 11:00pm, when the sun goes down, these streets host an ancient theatre of trade.

A portal to another way of life. We could learn a lot from their laid back ways
Hand crafted wares abound.

Such contrast and vivid colours.

Traces of shade greet the weary bargainer.

Just a small selection, we have taken literally hundreds, but we need to go through them when we get home. I hope you get a bit of taste for where we've been!



  1. STUNNING photos. I'm going to enter you in a competition. Hehe. I love that one of the Kitty Kat. I LOVE it. I want to go there now! THis is the most beautiful place!

  2. Hey!! These are all James' photos except for the last one. He done good. :]
    We found more cute little catties too. Will have to pop up the kitten photo. So CUTE!!!!