Thursday, July 22, 2010


The intrepid explorers, ready for Ios

The last island in our Greek tour was Ios, the “party” island. Whilst the whole island is generally geared towards getting absolutely blotto and forgetting where you left your pants, we discovered some great alternatives.

Luka and Stella – two most excellent chicks.

We signed up for a kayak tour around the bay, which was actually pretty awesome. Heading off nice and late (so that the boozers could sleep it off...) at around 2:00pm, we struck out across the bay for our first stop. Lunch. A big fire was rocked up, and we munched on fresh salad, weird Greek “bread” and sausages cooked by some Aussie dude... needless to say, the snags were charcoal, but really nice.

Cute little wall stuck on the side of a cliff

Next stop was a cliff jump, from an 8m precipice.

Swimming out to the launch zone

Scrambling up, we realised just how high 8m is.

Gonna jump, Jimmy?

Not bloody likely!!

Hannah strapped on her figs and showed us all how it's done... Creating

quite possibly the LOUDEST back-flop ever. That's my girl!! We've got a rad video of Hannah exploding ONTO the water. I'll try and get it up later.

Everyone who was jumping had a jump, then we moved onto the next bay for some snorkelling and sunbathing.

There isn't heaps to see, since the Greeks decided to a whole lot of fishing after the war. A whole lot of fishing using dynamite. Apparently anything that might have been there was well and truly blasted to a billion tiny bits of sand, which does make for some interesting landscapes underwater.

We finished up the day with an Extreme Hell Ride biscuit run behind a powerboat, blasting around. Everyone rolled up a little slow and sore this morning!!

The Other Hannah takes the plunge

We're in Athens again now, we've said goodbye to the Islands, and will start our next leg to France very soon! Tomorrow, the Acropolis!!

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  1. Acropolis! Wow. Lots of places I'd love to see - and now I can through this awesome blog!!! Love your work guys. This is fantastic! You are both looking quite sunned and relaxed. Ahhh