Thursday, July 15, 2010


We are now officially in the Greek Isles. We are staying at the Paradise Beach Club, as recommended by our tour. We thought it would be a good idea to stay with everyone else so that we could get to know the other people on our tour. So far we've only met them out at dinner and on our day trip. Haven't seen anyone at Paradise Beach.
I feel like I'm still swaying as we've spent 7 hours on ferries over the last 2 days.
The water here is amazing. A strange turquoise, azure colour. On the way out it was super glassy. No surfing to be done here, that's for sure. We had a very nice first, if hot, day on Mykonos with a swim, massive platter of squid and chips and a walk around the crazy Mykonos town followed by dinner with some people from our tour.
This was only dampened slightly by the bloody nightmare that is our accommodation. It's beautiful next to the water, places to eat, lie in the sun and swim, but the sleeping quarters leaves a little to be desired. I think photos say it all really...

Like James says, the only thing missing is the little chute for the egg to roll out. After a 5:30am start on our first full day in Greece we were shattered by midnight and ready for a full night's sleep. But Paradise Beach is where its AT. So midnight was only the beginning. I think the last of the partiers finished their drama-strewn conversations outside our wooden tent around 7am... Not a happy girl.

Today has been more relaxing. We went out to the island of Delos, a world heritage site, at its peak around 300BC.
After that we found our first Gyros in Mykonos Town. The equivalent of $3.75.  
YUM!!! The Cyclades, Islands around Delos in the Aegean, were fraught with pirate attacks and so Mykonos Town was built defensively. Each street twists and turns so as to confuse any assaulting pirate, or tourist. Walked around for about an hour last night and each time we ended up back at the restaurant where we started. It's really beautiful though. White walls, coloured shutters and bougainvillea.

More swimming and a cocktail on the beach.


  1. WOW!!! Looks great peeps. Specially the food. Hey that photo (above) you took underwater, with Hannah's ginger eyebrows, is that a pool or the beach!! It looks SO clear.

  2. That's underwater at the beach! The water is SO clear here, which makes up for the sky, which is generally pretty hazy. Makes for some nice sunsets tho, Yeah, the water is the clearest I've ever seen, just an intense blue colour. You think it's a metre deep, then you stick your head underwater, and it's seriously 4 or 5 metres to the bottom.