Saturday, July 31, 2010

Le surf

Le surf has been petite. Petite petite. But that is what we're here for so I was out there again on Thursday. It was cold, gloomy and onshore. It even rained at one point. Slightly less crowded and there were a few waist high waves when the tide came rushing in and the people went rushing out. James wisely decided to stay dry and, armed with the camera, recorded some of the other things going on on this French Beach...
Lots of sandcastles
This one even has a Granny-flat

There is some terrific beach fashion to be spotted.

Lots of beach tennis, volleyball and skimboarding.
There are always lifeguards on patrol. When the tide comes in they tip their lookout tower over and carry it up the stairs to the road.
They have flags for everything here. Periodically they make PA announcements about something important. Occasionally they bother to do it in English but most of the time I can't tell whether they are saying "Swimmers between the blue flags only" or "Everyone out! There is a shark eating a whale."
There was even some surfing!! Actually, this is Biarritz, there were about 300 people surfing!
Some impressive tandem work!
The 8' South Point I rented.
Still busy even though the surface quality isn't great. That's Spain in the background!
Iconic View - clouds looming


  1. granny flat. hehehehe. love it! also want some of those pink Euro Boardies...woohoo!

  2. Hi, Loving all the Kombis, great pics! Love your stories so keep it up. I'm got a new job, am in Singapore for the week, and moving house next!! Busy days! Plus, im hanging out for a surf like you wouldn't believe!

    Enjoy Barcelona!