Monday, July 12, 2010


Here we are, safe and sound in the Mediterranean! Ensconced in our (tiny) hotel room in the Athenian port of Piraeus, we're only just now starting to work out exactly where we are, and what we're doing...

After coming back from Gnaraloo and having a few days off, our mindset was a bit off...we kind of felt like the holiday was over, even though it has only just begun!

So here are we in Athens. We had great flights, food was awesome, and we both managed to sleep for a few hours on the longer flight. Hannah was pretty cut that they didn't have the same movies on both planes, because the end of the ghastly Miley Cyrus movie she was watching was cut short, so she doesn't know if Miley got the guy or whatever.

It's very easy to get the Piraeus Port, from where the ferries all leave. We just jumped on a bus, got lost, found a cab, and got driven the 100m to our hotel.

This is how amped we were to be on a bus. That sign behind us advertises some casino, for which their slogan is a very Borat-esque "NAICE!"

This is the view out our window. There's so many houses built just like this, white squares. When you fly in, it's amazing how many miles of perfectly square white houses there are. Oh, and there are NO tall buildings in Athens. No sky scrapers or anything, nothing above maybe 20 floors. Interesting to see!

Looking left out of our balcony, you see a glimpse of a small bay. We're going to check it out at dinner time, there should be some nice little cafes and what not there.

Traffic is pretty spinny here. You can park wherever the hell you like, like on the corner at a traffic light intersection. Also, giving way to pedestrians seems to be encouraged, but optional.

Can't wait to check out the ferry tomorrow. We're off to Mykonos!!


  1. Have you seen a car park perpendicular between two cars?? Apparently you can also park on the opposite side of the road too, ie facing oncoming traffic....CRAZY!!!

  2. Man, you can park ANYWHERE. Like, halfway through turning right at an intersection you just get out of the car and leave it there all day. No such thing as paid parking... or road rules, for that matter. Everyone in the Isles rides around on quad bikes without helmets, usually pissed out of their brains. It's another world.