Thursday, July 29, 2010

Afternoon Delights

The food is so good here that it is deserving of a dedicated post, or three. We have been making the most of every meal and like hobits, have been ensuring we have elevensies and afternoon tea as the mood strikes. The newest thing we tried was Gateau Basque - a local (basque) cake made with almond meal. It's really nice and comes in cerise - with a red fruit jam in the middle - or blanc with apple in it.
Europeans appear to love nutella. You can get it on just about anything. James is finishing (read: dribbling on the footpath) a crepe with chocolate, peach and almonds while I shamelessly devour a fresh waffle smeared with nutella.
The p'tite creperie where we have enjoyed savoury and sweet crepes as well as the best omeletes we've ever had. Along with passble coffee - which is good for here.

So much eye & mouth candy!!
More macarons - flavours include standard; coffee, choc, vanilla, but also lavender/apricot and so on. More investigation is needed.
Waiting nicely in the chocolatier
Balle de Golf anyone??
James has just forgotten how to say his order in French...

Today we went to a 'Salon de The' for goodies and expensive cups of tea. We have been craving tea - it was god awful in Greece with UHT milk and here they don't really drink it. We paid 5euros each for a pot of tea for two. But we had delectable treats to enjoy with it. I had a raspberry and chocolate tart complete with a miniature, pink macaron on the top! James had the richest chocolate, mousse brownie ever concocted. Here is a small sample of the other sugary treasures they had on offer...

Torte with alpine strawberries, red currents, blackberries...
Every one is a work of art
Mixed berries, peach slices and pistachios.
Worth every euro.


  1. Oh my god, your making me so hungry! I want Strawberrys with Nuttela on it!! Nom nom nom!!

  2. Holy Moly!! The French may not understand the beauty of surfing when the rocks are submerged, but they sure do freaking make up for it in FOOD. Seriously incredible! Crepes! All those yummy cakes! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a Golf Ball Chocolate hehehe

  3. haha Jo! Saw some people out surfing on high tide at 9pm last night. They've got it sussed. Only half a dozen of them.

    Thought you might appreciate the golf ball ones!
    Rich, nutella is the only way forward.