Tuesday, July 27, 2010

La France Différance

France is turning out to be everything promised, and more. It's beautiful here, so peaceful, yet so alive with joy and vibrance. We're happily ensonced in our chateau, overlooking a bustling main street.

The light is much milder here than in Greece; it's lovely to be awoken each morning to soft rays through our shutters, and the bustling noises of the waking village.

Biarritz has a great vibe. 1 part chic, fashion consciousness, 1 part shabby surfer dude with sand between the toes. Hannah's picked up some ideas for Jeeves our scooter back home...

Cote de Basque is resplendant in it's glory, a mountain reaching down towards the sea. You can see so far around the coast that Spain is visible in the distance.

A pity I couldn't capture the beauty in focus...
I love the weird blend of old and new in France. This giant house with spires and turrets overlooks modern brasseries and glaciers (ice cream dudes), yet manages to look as though it's exactly where it's meant to be. Just below the shot are a hundred people, sunbathing on a sheltered beach.
The sun sets so late here. Hannah got this shot at about 9:30/10:00pm. I kid you not, you can actually be out SURFING until gone 10 o'clock.

Mojitos and une limonade as the sun sets on this tapas bar at the end of our street, overlooking l'Atlantique. Everything tastes better in France.

Bon appetit! We rocked up the most amazing salad, with a whole wheel of baked camembert slapped on top. It tasted so good. We also got a tapas plate with a bunch of awesome tasting goodies, that did NOT last long, I can tell you. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!!

Aurevoir, to another beautiful day.
Enjoying some 10:30pm eau de eau.
Le Santa Maria came up with the goods. The food here is just SO good, we can't get enough. We'll be notching a few extra holes in the old belts, or just throwing them away. It's going to look like the Elvis years in my photos...
A couple of days in, and I feel I could stay forever. It's all well and good being on holiday, I guess, but it really is quite spectacular. I think Mum would really love it here. There's a great blend of culture and old world charm, a real life in the village, where craft and art are as welcome as Luis Vitton.

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  1. Pretty chairs and tables ! So much colour and beauty there. The French are so stylish aren't they. 10pm surfing! Wow!