Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stylin' in San O

We have just enjoyed one of the highlights of the entire trip. San Clemente area has been phenomenal, the people all so friendly, with a really nice, small fishing town feel. Scott, who we know from Flickr, grew up in the area and set us up with a camp site in San Onofre and all the gear we needed to camp out there. He thought of everything. Even finding us wetsuits and lending us surfboards. It made for a truly wonderful couple of days. Thanks again, mate!
San O at sunset
We had a magical, glassy afternoon surf with just the three of us out. Sean, another flickr-ite and friend of Scott's met us there and took photos from the beach. You can check his stunning images of the afternoon here:
Me on a left by Sean
Tilt shift treatment of the three of us!
James in HD
Three in HD
There will be more to come, I'm sure. Thanks Sean!!
Our first night, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It was just so nice to do something real, another kind of Californian experience.
All the fire rings at camp
James and I went for a big walk along the beach the following morning before meeting up with the boys again, along with Darren (yet another flickr contact!) and his son, JT. Once again, fabulous shape and the five of us with it to ourselves. The water is really cold here and there are rocks on the beach. They make the most beautiful sound as the waves recede over them.
Trail 3
Fancy a walk up these stairs with a surfboard? Half the path is eroded!
We also met John who stayed at the campsite next to us. He didn't come quite as far as us. Only from New York! He packed light, picked his new surfboard up in San Diego before getting the airport shuttle to drop him at camp via the supermarket! He turned up equipped with tent, bbq, firewood, water. Best of luck with the rest of your stay, John!!

Scott didn't want us getting bored and so provided some play dough, due to a private joke. I think we rose to the challenge...
The artist at work
James' roo
My surfer dude. Bodacious.
After a shower back at our rad little motel, we hired bikes to do a bit more exploring in San Clemente.
I want a bike like this. I think they are all the rage here now as they are everywhere. People can't have held onto them for 30+ years.
Do you remember how to use your back peddle breaks??
Bell on my bike :)

We had a last surf this morning before checking out Old Mans and Four Doors. These two breaks are slightly further north than Trails and more crowded, but oh, the shape! So fun. I would have loved to surf here. Long, longboarding waves. People hanging 10 left, right and centre! The local surf clubs cultivate these little oases of bamboo shading a shower to rinse off. Really cute. Surf culture is the culture here. Everyone is walking around with a board under their arm, no matter what age. Even the cars in the lot have character.
We've arrived in Huntington Beach on our way north. Stay tuned for an update from 'Surf City', USA.


  1. WOO HOO!!! Thats just like i remember it!! And it just continues all the way up the coast!!! Your gonna just love it! All the Camp sites are great, and each town is soo surfy and cruzy!

    Keep up the good work on the Blog!

  2. Cruisers!! LOVE!! Yes - SO all the rage over there! I want one SO much. I think a Schwinn would look good on you Han :) Birthday present perhaps?? ;)Also love those colourful beach umbrellas. See you SOON!!! This time next week we shall be either in a spa or on a surfboard or in our SUV zoomin around the Island sayin' ALoHA!!! :)

  3. OMG I KNOW!!
    And warm water!! Woohoo!!!!
    Spa me up, baby!

  4. hahha...can't believe your going to Hawaii and all meeting up!!! Thats gonna be soo cool....and random! Photo requests of Handstands of surfboards and 3 on one board please! :-)

  5. We'll see what we can do!
    Jo - they have cuisers here in Santa Cruz for $169!
    I wanna bring one home!!!!