Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The soft option

A few days back we hired out foam boards. We tried to get the bus to Anglet but a guy gave us some bum directions, and by the time we had walked to the local beach we realised that he had misunderstood us and the bus stop was in fact, now twice as far in the opposite direction. So we went out at Cote de Basque instead. The conditions were pretty terrible other than that the sun was shining. Perhaps the smallest day we've had and the tide was super low, so it was shallow - hence the soft boards.
We had a BLAST!
Slow down - Mary Poppins
Someone else's board.
James is a special boy.

Yes, we have matching suits. We're very cute.
There was a lot of waiting but it was very pleasant. :) We have been doing things other than surfing. Eating, mainly.

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