Sunday, August 15, 2010

The MGM Grand

Our Room ;)

We went discount shopping yesterday and got some actual bargains. New pair of Birkenstocks for $60!
Plus James got new Arnette sunglasses for $100. Quicksilver boardies for $30 and some roxy t-shirts for $10.

We are both still feeling quite average, unfortunately. Sore throats and colds that won't die. We won't bring them back with us, don't worry. So no gambling yet, but soon!!!

Last night we went to the Crazy Horse, Paris show. Burlesque cabaret.
The hotel/casino complex is so huge. We are in tower 2 so it is a 10 minute walk to the casino floor through indoor walkways. There's shops, restaurants, a food hall, a billion pokeys and tables, more restaurants, day spa, fitness centre... it just goes on and on. We're off to check out the poolS after brekkie this morn.


  1. awww get on the garlic!!!! are you having fun eating all the buffet foods?! Yum yum yum yum! Can you please go and sit on the horses at that Castle Casino?? Excalibur I think!!! Puh leazzzeee??!! LION KING!!! I call you SIM BAAAA!

  2. haha....that Video is guys sound so Stoked! Love the room! Enjoy

  3. oh yeah...oh yeah...laaaa! love it! SO funny. Two bottles of water - oh yeah. How funny are their sinks! That was quite handy actually....hmm they don't do that in New York actually...interesting! Hmmm! Oh yeah. Vegas Sink video! heheeh!

    When's the next update??!! Going stir crazy waiting to hear the next installment!!!

  4. We were chatting to the guys we met up with in San O about the trash disposal as one of their's needed replacing. I said it was weird and they asked 'Well what do you use?'
    'A bin?' was my answer.
    They are now officially called an UNG UNG UNG UNG UNG machine ;)