Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blue skies and Anglet

We have had an interesting couple of days. Yesterday was a bit lose as it was Sunday and nothing opens on Sunday. We haven't really gotten our head around this though. We tried to book massages but the place was closed, so we went to the history museum which looks to have a cool exhibition on, but that was closed too. So we read our new books. We bought 3 of the 12 english books they had in the shop. So James is reading Cell by Stephen King and I'm reading ... I don't even know the name of it... hang on, The Night Gardener, by the unfortunately named George Pelecanos. It's keeping us off the streets. Unlike the unusual Gentlemen holidaying here who need to let out a long, Neanderthal scream about 4am each morning. We're about ready to head to Spain. :)

Today we went to the massage place on the bus, thinking we could walk in or make an appointment there, and we met the only person so far who hasn't spoken ANY English. This made for a mysterious conversation about rendez vous. After that we caught a different bus (very proud of ourselves) to the beaches in Anglet. Anglet is basically the next suburb north and the beaches are quite different. We were able to hire boards right on the beach for 9 euros for 2 hours! And a wetsuit? 5 euros for two hours. Very very reasonable. The waves were a little bigger here and forming in nice peaks. It was also less crowded, so we had a great time. Still a lot of people at the beach - even some sleeping in sleeping bags! - considering it was threatening to rain the whole time.
Plage de Mirabella, Anglet
A ridiculous amount of sand!

James' last ride was a terrific right that lined up all the way in. Very slick.
Our craft: James' 9' red beast and the 'plank'
Grainy pebble sand
I had the least hydrodynamic surfboard ever created! No rocker to speak of. The thing was plastic with gashes in it and was somewhere around the 8' mark. (All the colour had come off the deck) I don't think it knew what hit it. 
It still gave me some fun rides.
It even had a SMALLER central fin than the two side ones. QUALITY :D

We had a great day out here and will head back before we move on to Spain. We also had a blast on some foamies down at Cote de Basque which I'll pop up in a separate post.

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  1. do you ever get sick of having fun?? harumpffff. :) good work on the different bus! good luck with your massage/ rendez vous! hilarious!