Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hola desde España!!

Hola amigos!

We've arrived in San Sebastian, or Donostia as it's known locally. There's a very strong Basque culture here, so everything is named and signed twice, with Spanish and the native Basque (which I think is called Euskada).

It's a lovely little town at a glance, rambling cobbled streets, soaring cathedrals and basillica, and a surf beach plonked right out the front. The surf looks a little more promising here, and less crowded than Biarritz. Actually a pretty modern town too, compared to what we were expecting.

The hostel is nice. It probably wouldn't pass a fire code inspection, but it's comfortable and very friendly, and seems fairly clean. There's HEAPS of Aussies here, as with most hostels around the world. Everyone running the hostel is Aussie, Kiwi or Americano, so there's no problem with English at all.

Last night we had a little BBQ with some people up "Jesus Hill", which may or may not be the correct name for the little hill with a big ass statue of Old Mate on top of it. In true Australian style they burnt the bajingo out of the snags, which was a nice home reminder.

In other great news, we found a bookshop with books in ENGLISH!!! We read our books from home in about a week, then bought up the 3 English books in Biarritz... they lasted 3 days. So we bought the biggest 3 books we could find from a bookshop here in San Seb, which should keep up going!!

Travel tip: DON'T bring the 2nd book in a trilogy with you overseas if you can't get a hold of the third one. It's killing me not being able to conclude the trilogy.

No photos yet. We just blasted around quickly this morning and last night, but we're still pretty knackered. Hannah and I have gotten a little bit sick (just head colds etc), and didn't have any sleep for the two weeks we were in France, so we're going to take the opportunity for a little siesta this afternoon, and then see how we go.

Hope you're all well! I'm starting to miss people quite a lot, so let us know how you're all going. I chatted to an English woman in France yesterday when we were having breakfast who reminded me of Mum, so I got a little home sick :P Travelling has been awesome so far, but it's always an amazing reminder of just how good it is at home.

I've started rambling, so I'll leave it there. Updates will come soon, once we have some nice pictures of San Sebastian.


  1. haha.....the third book is the best too!! OMG is amazing! ;-)

    Keep loving the holiday! Get some sleep, and can i have a photo please of both of you doing a handstand infront of a Major Landmark! :-)

    Great stories.....catch up with you soon! P.S Im still in Singapore, No waves here :-( Home soon for some waves (fingers crossed)

  2. How bout a handstand at Playa Zurriola in San Sebastian. I wanna learn to stand on my hands now!!! Will aim for a few more for you along the way ;)