Friday, August 6, 2010

Au revoir, Biarritz!!

Well, Happy Friday!
I'm sitting in the square outside the tourist bureau waiting for our bus to Spain and pirating internet from the pub across the road. Ah, sweet sweet WiFi.
A 'soaperie'!
We're both glad to be heading off today. Whilst Biarritz has been nice, 14 days has been more than plenty. Strangely cool here, too. Only about 21 today and the sky is less clear than a usual Winter's day in Perth! A shock to the system after Greece.

We're staying in what is hopefully a cool little hostel in San Sebastian and will be looking wide eyed at people as we try to forget our French and learn some Spanish/Basque/Catalan... Whatever they actually speak there! Hoping for some more promising waves and a change of menu.
Au revoir, Epicurie!!
Lots of little dos here! Some are cute....
Some, not so much..
Fete de Bayonne
Taking in the sights and sounds in Bayonne
The sun has just come out. :) Cheers!!
I have been enjoying le cedre (cider) here!
This post brought to you by Bistrot Barriot. Merci!

1 comment:

  1. hola!

    Hope your spanish is going ok? I can speak a little but is quite broken. I can say things like "you like much the good wave at beach?" "me like good wave much", "me have hunger much" etc. I trust you are going better than that!!

    You guys will have to teach me surfing again...haven't surfed for about 2 months. Dismal. Too cold. BUT have taken up GOLF!! I'm getting an early Xmas pressive of pink clubs :)

    Jesus Hill - ohhhh that HAS to be the correct name! ;) hahaha

    OK better get back to work. Keep blogging am vicariously living through you guys!

    PS: Peta says a big wiggle squealing HI :)