Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big Sur-fing at the Rock

Pismo Beach was a cute, if slightly bogan town. We left bright and early, armed with directions from our hotel dude, in search of some local waves. We checked out Shell Beach, which wasn't happening, but the next stop up the road, Morro Bay was the payload!

Plus, check out the view!
Morro Rock
Tadashi Suzuki Board!
James with a Robert August board
We literally surfed straight out next to THE rock.
The water was freeeeeeezing! Apparently around 15C. Hands and feet were burning the whole time we were in the water. The swell picked up with the outgoing tide and it was super fun. I'm now able to control where I sit in the wave a lot more and we've been enjoying surfing on mals!

Eventually we had to tear ourselves away, return the boards and get underway! The drive was spectacular! It took about 4 hours through winding, cliff top roads.
The countdown
We stopped briefly in Big Sur proper which was a dappled collection of shopsv hidden amongst the trees next to a little creek. Camping here would be magical. The visitors pictured below had an interesting way of getting amongst nature.

It was great to see this rugged coastline. California has been really diverse, and we've only scratched the surface, keeping to the coast.


  1. I'm always in a red t-shirt whenever I'm in pictures...