Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The swell has been crazy huge here, testament to which is the bone-crunching sounds of our beach. We've been out every day, picking off the edges when they have some shape. Rob and Strunky had two awesome sessions out at Airports, and came back smiling from ear to ear after a good run at Uluwatu.

We're hoping to head up to Canggu (pronounced Chung-goo), where there's some great beach breaks that should suit us well. A competition there might hold us back for a few days, however.

Hit the markets yesterday and Sunday, to collect the obligatory Bintang singlets and other cheap garbage. Dinner down on the beach at Jimbaran Bay went down a treat last night. Go the snapper! The highlight from last night was a local busking group, made up of a conga player, 3 guitarists and a double bassist, accepting song requests. Let me tell you, the Balinese version of Land Down Under was the best I've ever heard. We had a bit of a group sing-song to some Bob Marley, but the most awesome part was watching them bust out AC/DC's You Shook Me All NIght Long. Hannah filmed it, so once we can work out these zany computers, we might be able to upload the footage. An absolute classic.

Life is hard, all this eating, laying around in the pool, eating, massages, eating, surfing, eating, surfing, eating, eating, surfing, eating, shopping, swimming etc. Someone's gotta do it though, so as long as it's me, I'm a happy, happy boy!

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