Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here and Ulu

Arrived safe and sound, although the internet situation is not quite ideal... It might be tricky for us to get any photos up! You'll have to be content with my waffling, instead, and use your imagination.

All is great here, excellent food, so we've been stuffing ourselves like sharks in a feeding frenzy... hmm, probably not the best analogy on a surf trip!

We checked out Uluwatu and Padang Padang today. There was a Pro series on at PP, so there was about 5 million pro surfers out in the water. Uluwatu was comparatively deserted! It was SO massive there. Unless you've seen it, it's hard to fathom, pictures just don't do it justice. Rob contemplated going out, but decided against it in the end, which seemed like a particularly wise decision. We "surfed" a 2 inch high little bit of tide splashing over some white sand, which was lovely, especially in the heat!

Lunch at Jimbaran Bay, whilst Rob and Adam surfed out at Airports. Then we headed back to Legian, where Leeann and I surfed out at Legian Beach. Nice! Actually, it was jacking right up out the back, then EXPLODING through into reforms. Caught one really nice right hander, screamed up and down the little face that there was. My first International surf!

It's been so relaxing here so far, and it's looking pretty good for the week ahead. I'll keep trying to work out some way to get the photos uploaded. Just wait until you see the pics of Uluwatu...

Until tomorrow!

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