Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fraying Edges

So close! Just one more day of work to get through, and then HUZZAH! We have only a couple of extra goodies to pack, and then we need to sort out stuffing the boards into one bag, for ease of transport. Dinner with the folks tonight, and then AWAY!

Had some minor dramas yesterday though!

We stripped the wax off the boards last night, to make way for the tropical wax required for the 26°C water of Bali, and in so doing I discovered a HUGE gash off of the port rail, about 8 inches aft of the nose. It flakes back for about 3 inches, and sanding away the cracked and fraying glass revealed....dun DUN daaaaahhhh.... the foam core. For those not versed in surfboard engineering, seeing the foam core = "Oh bollocks!!!"

Why I couldn't have discovered this a week ago, I don't know. With nothing more for it, and only a day or so away from departure, repairs have begun. I sanded back what was originally a small patch of cracked glass, and that was when the full extent was revealed. You need to sand the general area around the damage so that the new glass and resin have something to adhere to, but noticing the foam core, and starting to feel a bit concerned, we consulted the Oracle. Blair wasn't too worried, and suggested a thin strip of glass over the affected area, with plenty of resin to seal that bad boy up. It mightn't look pretty, but it's better than having a large hole in your craft, and at my (rather low) level of ability, it won't be affecting performance at all.

Hannah kindly finished off the repair whilst I whipped up a an inch thick steak (aided by my birthday present, a Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker!!), and My Precious is now drying on the lounge room floor. Actually, as I write this, Hannah has probably already given it the finishing touches. Thanks! I have some photos of the damage which I'll throw up, just for (my?) interests sake.

It must be a popular time of year for Bali. A mate, who I work with, flew over on Monday, and my sister has been there since Sunday! Anyone else coming?

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