Monday, August 10, 2009

Inauguration Dae

Howdy! A forthcoming trip to the BEAUTIFUL island province of Bali, Indonesia, has prompted this method of reporting back to everyone at home. And, so, here it is!

I'll be trying to update regularly, with some pics and hopefully some videos of our surf related action, (assuming Huey, Lono and Tiki deem us worthy) and MAYBE even some stuff out of the water...

Ok, so there's obviously not much to mention yet, except that having to work another four days before departure is quite rubbish. My mind will most assuredly NOT be on the job!


  1. Is there going to be sex tapes leaked to the press. Not mention all the drug smuggling stories!! AWSE!

  2. I'm looking forward to some pics of the game lans over there. Are you guys bringing your computers / laptops with you?

  3. Not for gaming, no! We'll have our travel laptop for dumping pictures on, and for updating my AWESOME blog.