Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday!

Well it's Friday here too and its a nice one. Not too hot. Haven't done anything too strenuous.
Had a very nice, relaxed breaky as the swell is back up and the break looked hit. Spent the rest of the morning reading/swimming in the top pool. Just had a fishburger for lunch and a few fruit punches. This arvo we're heading to seminyak to check the banks there and then have dinner with some of Rob and Leeann's mates at a swish restaurant. Meals there will probably be $20 Aust instead of $6. :P

A bit less size in the waves on Wednesday meant we actually had some really nice waves. It stayed nice for most of the morning but we had a VERY lazy one and spent most of the day swimming or lying by the pool. Some great tag-team shopping Wednesday night with leeann. We both now have too many bags.

Yesterday was great! James got up early to check the waves and it was perfect. There was some order and plenty of guys out in the line up. Perfect peelers breaking off two distinct peaks. Rob, James and Leeann surfed the right of one, while I sat out the back with the Indo guys on the other catching lefts. A fun morning cut short only by the fact that we were heading out to Ubud.
Ubud was a bit of de ja vu for Jame snad I having been up that way before. We'd seen the jewellers, wood carvers and the Volcano, but it was still good to do it with a group. The worst bit wa the food at the restaurant on the mountain, the best part was that the restaurant didn't have glass in the windows - nothing to block that view.

Hoping for some small waves tomorrow before we fly out tomorrow night!

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