Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oahu Wahoo!!

We haven't wasted any time packing the last few days with adventure! We made sure we still had time to kick back and relax, though!
A quick trip into Haliewa for some cheap rashies, wetsuits and MORE shave ice! 
We found a Japanese place for dinner. They had big wave surfing playing on the wall.
More surfing!
Heaven on a plate! This is more garlic than we've seen since we left home! A 
dozen garlic prawns for $13 from a Shrimp Shack on the side of the road. North Shore style!
Waimea Bay in the Summertime.
The mountains here are so jagged and steep. We drove over to Lanakai for dinner with Rhonda and Heidi and Tim, people that Jo met in Fiji who live there. Lanakai is quite an old suburb with amazing houses right on the beach (not unlike the North shore!) They have a 'toy shed' filled with surfboards, SUPs, kayaks... all the goodies you could need :)

After a trip into Honolulu and across to Waikiki, we decided against surfing in the ridiculous crowds. There were at least 100 people out at Canoes! Instead we did a quick bit of shopping. James felt the best way to entertain himself was by drinking an entire pineapple... 

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