Thursday, September 2, 2010

Island Time

We've been a bit slack with the updates because we've been having such a blast.
We explored Haliewa, the small town near our house, been to all the surf shops, had shave ice, found longboards for a nice cheap $70/week rental, Had dinner at Haliewa Joes, twice. We've also had a home cooked meal and pancakes for breakfast! My, we have been busy. Sorry, mum, no food photos. We were too busy gobbling! But I did have great ribs and an amazing sirloin :)
Shaka, man.
Famous Shave Ice (Love that Japanese influence here) from Matsumoto's!
James got 'rainbow' flavour....
Kristy with grape, raspberry & green apple.
In this photo you should note the fabulousness that is our reflection. We're very cool.

Yesterday we did some sightseeing. It was a big day. We basically drove around half the Island. Saw all the surf spots that aren't breaking, cos it's Summer; Waimea, Pipeline, Sunset, Rocky Point.
Four rented mals on the roof of the hire-car. We been tying those bad boys doooown!
Kristy & I standing up very straight at the Chinaman's Hat.
On the Kam Hwy
We drove all the way around to Kailua on the east (windward) side, near Lanakai. No waves here either!

In search of waves, we checked out Diamond Head, which was blown out, and finally ended up at Waikiki. Well, we had to do it at least once. There were a lot of people in the water and the waves were lovely, but few and far between.
Waikiki is just like you'd expect it to be. Whilst the North Shore is quiet, a little run down and unassuming, Waikiki is high-rises, Japanese tourists and ukelele music. We actually surfed 'Queens' which is pretty exciting as I've seen videos of this place. The waves were great shaped, but the stress of the crowd got to all of us.

After a whack of surfing and the trip back to the North Shore, we caught up with Jo's friend Rhonda and her boyfriend Aaron for dinner and cocktails.

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