Thursday, September 2, 2010

Likelike, Pupus and Poki

This place is making me feel strangely timeless. We are having trouble remembering what day it is and I can't seem to write in a linear fashion here.
Today we met Rhonda, Aaron and a local guy, Ash at a north shore spot that was breaking, Malekahena. no crowd. It was very nice. Did I mention the water? It is so warm here. Especially after 15 degrees in California! It would easily be in the mid twenties.
One minute it looked like this, then the next, like this...
The break was in a nice bay straight out from this cute camp site with Hawaiian style bungalows. It was breaking a long way out over reasonably shallow reef, but the waves were very rolling, without much oompf. We even had a little rain shower while we surfed, before the sun came out again.

Now, back to Monday. We went for a snorkel in the afternoon. They have tradewinds here, so in Summer the wind is essentially continuously easterly. Snorkelling in this proved a little interesting as the current was going one way and the wind the other!! Visibility wasn't great, but we do plan to do another snorkel, while Kristy does a dive in a famous place, Shark's Bay. Its meant to be great for snorkelling.
So, after deciding it was a bit windy, Kristy and I still wanted to snorkel. I with one good flipper and one with a broken strap, snorkel shoved up the side of my mask strap. But follow my intrepid leader I did!! We went out around some rocks, from our beach and two bays up to Turtle Beach.I couldn't see a bloody thing, above or below water and had to keep pulling my flipper on.
Meanwhile Jo and James were walking over hot volcanic rock to get to the same place, burning their tootsies! James pushed on, feet gored, and had a relaxing snorkel. Jo literally took the road less travelled, ended up shimmying up a fence and down a palm tree to get back on the highway and walk home. We had some high adventures to tell.
And it was all worth it because this is what we found:
Kristy spotted this one as we were entering the bay!
These guys are huge! Recharging in the sun :] There were about 4 on the beach.
They're called basking turtles as they're one of the few that just come to chill out on the sand.
Enjoying the Pacific


  1. Looking great guys! Turtels are cool hey!!

    Can't wait to have you guys back and see you again!

    Fingers crossed you get some more surf there before you head home. When you back?

    No sure for me at the mo! :-( City is back to .5 of a meter