Friday, May 7, 2010

Count Down to the Endless Summer

That's what I'm calling our fabulous and upcoming 3 months off.
Our expedition to Gnaraloo is now only 6 weeks away! We've been heading down to Yallingup as much as possible to try and get into some decent size waves to prepare ourselves. We've started surfing at the Mainbreak which has a lot of similarities to Gnaraloo; reef, a long way out, waves that form across the whole bay. It's been really satisfying.

The list of things to do before we go seems to get longer rather than shorter. The everyday stuff and the things we need to take care of in our absence are the real concerns. We want to sell the Camry so it doesn't sit in the carport for 10 weeks, plus sorting our bill payment and renewing drivers licenses!

The end to our holiday is now taking shape and we've rented a house in Haleiwa, Oahu for a week. What's more, a couple of surfer friends are meeting us there as well as a few other people from across the globe. Looking like being a real high to finish off the trip.

There's so many great things to look forward to that James and I oscillate between being excited about different legs of the trip. We plan to drive from San Onofre up to San Francisco and I can't wait to explore the coastline, taking photos, surfing and maybe even finding a 3-finned present to bring home.

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