Thursday, December 17, 2009

World Trip!!

Confirmed! We've paid our deposit, and are rip-roaring and ready to blast off into our (partial) world trip! It's still a long, LONG way off, but I'll definitely be looking forward to it every day until we're there.

SO, for those to whom we have not already discussed our trip ad nauseum, here is the (very) rough itinerary:

Late June: Gnaraloo (approx 10 days)
July 11: Greece/Greek Isles (10 days)
Jul-August: South of France (2 weeks)
August: Spain (1 week)
Mid August: Las Vegas (couple of days including my birthday)
August: Californian coast, all the way up through Los Angeles to San Francisco (couple of weeks)
August/Sept: Hawaii (about 4 or 5 days or so)
September: Home!

There is, of course, a fairly obvious focus on the trip... Whilst we're starting with a relaxing ferry tour of the Greek Isles, Biarritz in France will be our home for 2 weeks of, hopefully, great surfing! Probably not much surf in Spain or Vegas (wave pool? Hmm...), but Cali-forn-i-'A'-frame-peaks will be a highlight. Top it off with a chill out session in Waikiki, Hawaii... splendid.

The plan will be to update whenever we have access to the Internet... could be intermittent. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Countdown... 6 months to go!

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